Gabriel Smith
"Hurt me once shame on you, hurt my sister you're dead freakin' meat."
General Information
Gender Male
Age 16
Hair Colour Dark Blond
Eye Colour Blue
Marital Status Unknown
Birthday December 1st
Height 5 ft.9
Occupation(s) Student at Rosewood High (alumni)
Nickname(s) Unknown
Family Jack Smith (Brother),
Sarah Smith (Sister, Tara Smith (Sister), Mary Smith (Twin Sister),
Angelina Smith (Mother),
Brad Smith (Father)
Romances Unknown
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Series Information
Interests Unknown
Education Unknown
Talent Unknown
Secrets(s) Unknown
Status Alive
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Unknown
Creator PhoenixRessurection
Portrayer Chris Pine

 Gabriel Smith is one of the supporting characters on Maya St. Germain's Fanfiction of Pretty Little Liars. He is portrayed by Chris Pine.
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